FAQs and Media Info

What is the Holiday of Lights? 

The Holiday of Lights at the Del Mar Fairgrounds is a spectacular drive-through light show and exhibit, themed for the holiday season, with more than 400 crowd-pleasing, family-oriented displays. The displays are organized into themes, which include: Candy Cane Lane, Toyland, San Diego County Fair, Treasures by the Lake, Del Mar Racetrack, the Twelve Days of Christmas and Elves at Play.

How do people view the displays?
Visitors view the lighted and animated holiday creations from the comfort of their vehicles as they drive along a 1.5-mile route through the Fairgrounds while enjoying festive holiday music.

How many displays are there?
About 400 lighted and animated displays.

How long does it take to view the displays? 
It takes most visitors 15-20 minutes to complete one trip around the route and view all of the displays.

How long did it take to set up the displays?
Set-up takes about one month, starting in late October.

What was the attendance last year?
The Fairgrounds does not count the number of people that attend, because tickets are sold by vehicle. 2011 attendance was 21,236 vehicles, a 15% increase over 2010. An additional 1,987 people rode the Holiday Hayride.

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Holiday Lights Holiday Lights Holiday Lights
Holiday Lights Holiday Lights Holiday Lights